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What is a Digital Product?

Basically a digital product is a file that you download to your computer that you can use instantly.

There is no physical product until you DIY and create it from the comfort of your home.

Instant digital printables we sell are invitations, party decor, games, food table signs, menus, ticket vouchers, photobooth props, food packaging and more.

If you can not find the digital products you are looking for, just hit the contact speech bubble and let us know.

Files will be available to download once payment is confirmed.

Due to the instant nature of digital downloadable items, we do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. Please contact the us about any issues with your order or questions you may have before buying.

How do I find & open my Digital Product?

Once you have purchased your products, you can save them directly to your computer. Files will either be in a .zip folder or a PDF/PNG, depending on the product you have purchased.

If the file is a .zip, you will need to download it using a zip program.


For editable products

Click the link on your downloaded PDF to open your files in Canva. If you do not have a Canva account, you can easily open a free account to edit & download your files

You can edit, Name, Event, Address, Date, Time & Venue on the Invitation

For non editable products

Open the PDF in Acrobat Reader (
This is a free reader and is available on most computers.

How do I edit my Printable Template?

Open the PDF & click the section where it says CLICK HERE to open your Canva Template.

The templates comes with a basic instruction sheet on how to edit

All Template files can be edited online in CANVA, a FREE program that does not need any credit card information to use. You do not need the pro account to edit

You can save as a PNG, PDF or JPG once edited

You can change font size, colours and detailed wording
ATTENTION: Design layers are locked, and not all sections can be edited

How do I save my Digital Download?

You can save your product by clicking on a link on the final page of checkout or find it in "your downloads are ready" email that is sent to you after your payment has been made.

Save straight to your computer or a device You don't have to worry about thumb drives, DVDs, or any of that. You'll just click a link, and your media will transfer onto your computer into a file location that you choose..

Where do I share my Printable Downloads

There are a few easy ways to share and get guests to your event. The traditional way of printing or instead save the environment and share digitally.


Save as PNG or JPG and send via email, direct message or on your Facebook event page.

Just attach as an image once you have saved it to your computer or device.


Or save it as a PNG or PDF and print at your local office supply store or print at home
Print settings High quality

Paper Recomendations - Print on white paper or thick cardstock for coloured designs or any colour paper for all black print designs

D.I.Y - Some products like games, awards etc you can print with more than one on a full page. So just cut the paper within the lines if you are printing more than one per page.

Design colours will vary depending on your monitor, printer and the paper stock used

Can anyone edit the templates?

Ofcourse they can!

Anyone with basic computer knowledge can edit our invites, games and party decor.

Template files can be edited online in CANVA, a FREE program that does not need any credit card information to use. You do not need the pro account to edit our digital products. You can change font size, colours and detailed wording

CANVA Templates can be saved as a PNG, PDF or JPG
ATTENTION: Design layers are locked, and not all sections can be edited

Do I have to pay for a pro account when I edit my invite Canva?

NO! thats right, you do not need the pro account to edit.

All our CANVA Template files can be edited online, a FREE program that does not need any credit card information to use.

You will need to create an account, but don't worry, you only need an email address and we are sure you will continue to use it again for other projects.

You can create a free account HERE

Can I change the template design?

Unforuntly we do not accept change requests to the layouts. All products are the final design.

All editable designs are locked, only the wording can be changed.

However we are happy to discuss designs being turned into matching party supplies, please contact us if you require these. A fee will be charged for the graphic design work needed.

Will I receive my product by mail?

All items on Now That's Peachy are Digital products. Which means no physical product is posted to you.

So remember after purchase to download your products for instant use.

How much is postage?

Postage is FREE ofcourse!

Because the whole shop is digital prducts and get sent straight to your email, you do not have to pay for any frieght costs. How good is that!

Can I get a refund or Exchange?

Unfortnulty due to the nature of digital products and our instant download feature, we do not accept returns or exchanges on our downloads. Please choose carefully when purchasing.

If you have any questions, just pop us a message and we can help you before and after purchase.

Can I sell the digital downloads?

All of the products on are copyrighted and is for personal use only.

Files and designs may not be shared, distributed, or resold for profit. You may not claim these designs as your own. This design has been made from scratch for you to enjoy and have a unique event.

Can you edit my details for me?

All templates are easy to edit with basic computer knowledge.

However if you are having trouble, please contact me and I can add your own event details onto the design.

Please be aware, this can incur an additional cost

How can I contact Now That's Peachy?

Questions? Custom Order? no problem!

Just hit the contact link at the bottom of this site or the speech bubble pop up

We will get back to you as soon as we can